Accuracy. Integrity. Creativity. Proactivity.

Here's What You Can Expect From Us

Dedicated Team.

We are an extension of your team. There will always be someone you know at the end of the phone, responding to your emails and available for a chat. We are no strangers to going above and beyond the traditional roles of a publisher to ensure you get the support that you need.

Forensic Catalogue Administration.

We specialise in managing large catalogues of songs and uncovering unpaid royalties, for writers and rightsholders. Our attentivity, catalogue knowledge, and engrained audit processes all result in one outcome, you collect more royalties.

Sync Proactivity.

We learn about the depths of your catalogue, your feelings and your influences to create powerful bonds between your music and film productions, TV series, advertising, games and more. We turn industry gatekeepers and decision makers into your fans.

Creative Development.

We believe collaboration is the key to growth. As part of the Wixen family you can tap in to our extensive network to bring in the best collaborators to form authentic creative partnerships.

Transparent Royalty Visibility.

Our bespoke royalty portal allows you access to detailed, song by song data, giving you clear insight on the source of your earnings. All royalty data is exportable by CSV and PDF.

International Representation.

Our dedicated network of independent sub-publishers are trusted to carry out our diligent processes in their own territories of expertise. Meaning your income and creative growth is maximised on an international scale.

The Final Say.

As a Wixen client, you always retain ownership of your compositions. That means you always get the final say as to how they are used.